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Farbbildauswertung zur prozeßfolgenden Qualitätssicherung

Evaluation of color for industrial quality assurance
: Geißelmann, H.; Burkhard, M.; Hättich, W.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung -IITB-, Karlsruhe:
Mitteilungen aus dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung -IITB- '93
Karlsruhe, 1993 (Mitteilungen aus dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung)
Book Article
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
color image processing; Echtzeitbildauswertung; Farbbildauswertung; industrial vision; industrielle Sichtprüfung; Qualitätssicherung; quality assurance; real-time vision; Tabaksortierung; tobacco sorting

Color processing is very important for inspection of natural products and also for products which are produced in pharmaceutic and food industries. Using line scan cameras, a high throughput can be achieved with a good local resolution. A color processing system was developed which uses highly sophisticated procedures at a processing speed of 10 MByte/sec. This system is sucessfully applied in the tobacco industry in order to detect impurities in the tobacco with high reliablitiy.