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Over-head wire supervision arrangement for electrically operated vehicle - illuminates over-head wire through first and second lighting device, and produces image of over-head wire and slider mirror on detector elements of photoelectric sensor.
: Knoll, G.

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DE 1996-19634060 A: 19960823
DE 1996-19634060 A: 19960823
DE 19634060 C1: 19980122
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The arrangement includes a lighting arrangement which illuminates an over-head wire (1), and at least one photoelectric sensor (21, 22) mounted on a vehicle, underneath the over-head wire. The lighting arrangement includes a first lighting device (23, 24), arranged adjacent to the sensor, and a second lighting device (25, 26) arranged opposite the sensor. The sensor detects a light reflected by the over-head wire, and a light reflected by a slider mirror (4) of the over-head wire, so that an image of the over-head wire and the slider mirror is produced on detector elements (33) of the sensor. ADVANTAGE - Enables supervision both of dimensions and condition of over-head wire at higher speed.