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Extraction of vacancy parameters from outdiffusion of zinc from silicon

Extraktion von Gitterleerstellenparametern durch Ausdiffusion von Zink aus Silicium
: Pichler, P.

Grimmeiss, H.G.; Ask, L.; Kleverman, M.; Kittler, M.; Richter, H.:
Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology. Proceedings of the 8th International Autumn Meeting
Uetikon-Zürich: Scitech Publications Ltd., 1999 (Diffusion and defect data. B, Solid state phenomena 69/70)
ISBN: 3-908450-47-0
International Autumn Meeting Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology (GADEST) <8, 1999, Höör>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
diffusion; Gitterleerstelle; Gleichgewichtskonzentration; silicium; Zink

A final determination of the equilibrium concentrations and diffusion coefficients of intrinsic point defects has been the goal of various investigations since decades. In a series of papers, Giese et al. claimed that outdiffusion of zinc at a temperature of 1107 °C can be explained only by a vacancy equilibrium concentration of the order of 1E15 cm-3. The assumption of such a high equilibrium concentration has a long tradition. However, it is in contrast to models for crystal growth and some of our results on platinum diffusion. A numerical investigation based on the zinc-outdiffusion profiles of Giese et al. resulted in the conclusion that these profiles can be explained also by significantly lower vacancy equilibrium concentrations.