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Explosive Compaction of Nanosized TiN-Powders

: Rabe, T.; Wäsche, R.; Prümmer, R.


Materials Science Forum 235-238 (1997), pp.285-290
ISSN: 0255-5476
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMI ()
explosive compaction; nanocrystalline powder; shaping method; sintering; titanium nitride

Nanosized titanium nitride powders with different specific surface areas and grain size distributions were densified by dry-pressing, isostatic pressing and explosive compaction. The experimental results show that nano-sized powders can be densified up to 90 % of the theoretical density by explosive compaction without significant grain growth. Microstructure and phase composition of explosive-compacted samples were characterized by optical analysis and X-ray diffraction, respectively. In the green samples exist both areas with net-shaped flaws and areas without large microstructural defects. The green compacts have been sintered and the linear shrinkage and the relative density were simultaneously recorded by means of an integrated dilatometer.