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Experimental studies and simulation of the dynamic hehaviour of bubble column reactors

: Schulzke, T.; Schlüter, S.; Weinspach, P.-M.


Computers and Chemical Engineering 22 (1998), Supplement, pp.667-670
ISSN: 0098-1354
Journal Article
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
absorption; Blasensäule; Bubble column; carbon dioxide; dynamic model; dynamisches Modell; fast gas-liquid reaction; gas-flüssig

To meet the growing demand for dynamic simulation in chemical engineering a one-dimensional mathematical model for the dynamic behaviour of bubble column reactors is developed and implementated as a computer programme. To validate some basic model assumptions and to show the abilities of the pro- gramme, experimental observations are compared with simulation results. The absorption of carbon dioxide into aqueous sodium hydroxide solutions is choosen as an example of a fast gas-liquid reaction system. For this model system a sufficiently good quantitative agreement is obtained.