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Experimental observation of enhanced stopping of heavy ions in a hydrogen plasma

: Hoffmann, D.H.H.; Weyrich, K.; Wahl, H.; Peter, T.; Meyer-ter-Vehn, J.; Jacoby, J.; Bimbot, R.; Gardes, D.; Rivet, M.F.; Dumail, M.; Fleurier, C.; Sanba, A.; Deutsch, C.; Maynard, G.; Noll, R.; Haas, R.; Arnold, R.; Maurmann, S.


Zeitschrift für Physik. A (1988), No.30, pp.339-340
ISSN: 0340-2193
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()
beam bunch; capacitor bank; enhanced energy; hydrogen plasma; oscillation; spectrometer

Enhanced energy loss of 333 MeV(238) U ions in a hydrogen discharge plasma with a high degree of ionization has been observed. The ion stopping in a plasma environment exceeds the stopping in cold matter by more than a factor of two. Measured stopping powers are in agreement with theoretical predictions for the energy loss of heavy ions in a hydrogen plasma.