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Experiences with the Fractal Company Value Shift

: Sihn, W.; Rist, T.

Technical University of Kosice, Department of Industrial Engineering; University of Zilina -ZU-, Department of Industrial Engineering:
Nove Trendy v Priemyslovom Inzinierstve
Kosice: Tchnicka univerzita, 1998
European Conference "New Trends in Industrial Engineering" <1, 1998, Kosice>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Fractal Company; fraktales Unternehmen; Organisation; Organisationsstruktur; Selbstoptimierung; self-optimization; Zielorientierung

Companies are experiencing a higher pressure from increasingly turbulent markets. To secure the continued existence of an enterprise it is necessary to execute a major shift of values. Consistent goal orientation, process-oriented structures as well as team- and employee-oriented forms of work organization bring about opportunities for self-organization and self-optimization. The archieved dynamics and flexibility solely guarantee the lasting fulfillment of quickly changing customer demands. The concept of the fractal company represents a framework with the help of which it is possible to successfully design the process of value shift and to introduce new organizational structures. Heart of the concept is the six level model, conceived to make the complex interactions within this process practicable.