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Der exoatmosphärische elektromagnetische Puls - eine umfassende parametrische Charakterisierung -

: Leuthäuser, K.-D.

International Union of Radio Science -URSI-, Landesausschuß in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland:
Kleinheubacher Berichte 1993
Darmstadt, 1994 (Kleinheubacher Berichte 37)
International Union of Radio Science, Landesausschuß in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Gemeinsame Tagung) <1993, Kleinheubach>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer INT ()
atmosphere; avalanche; Compton effect; Compton electron; computer code; conductivity; currents; earth magnetic field; electromagnetic pulse; gamma radiation; ionization; Maxwell equations; nuclear burst; relativistic equation of motion; Runge-Kutta method

Nuclear detonation in high altitudes (> 50 km over ground) are the source of gamma radiation which interacts with the atmosphere by production of Compton electrons. The latter are subject to the Lorentz force caused by the earth magnetic field giving rise to an electromagnetic wave radiated towards the ground. The EXEMP code takes into account various physical effects which contribute to a self-consistent calculation of the fields. The most important theoretical aspects are discussed, and a few examples of the obtained numerical results are presented.