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Examination of high performance precision slow-motion feed-drive systems for the sub-micrometre range

: Bispink, T.; Weck, M.

Seyfried, P.; Weck, M.; Kunzmann, H.; McKeown, P.:
Progress in Precision Engineering '91
Berlin: Springer, 1991
ISBN: 3-540-53986-7
pp.128 ff : Abb.
International Precision Engineering Seminar <6, 1991, Braunschweig>
International Conference on Ultraprecision in Manufacturing Engineering <6, 1991, Braunschweig>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Präzisionsmaschine; Ultrapräzisionsmaschine; Vorschubantrieb

In the Ultraprecision Technology high precision slow-motion feed-drive-system with submicrometre resolution are required. Many of these drive systems have problems concerning positioning accuracy and constance of velocity at low speeds. In the last years investigations have been concentrated on high dynamic responses and high load capacities with accuracies in the micrometre-range. Properties of feed drive systems, e.g. accuracy or constance of velocity, with are very important in ultraprecision technology, have not been analysed systematically yet. A comparison between drive systems of different machines is very difficult, because of the variouse influences of slide-, feedback- and control-systems. Therefore, a test-bench has been built up to make a systematic comparison between different types of feed drive systems under comparable conditions. Special test procedures have been used to analyse the accuracy, repeatability and slow motion behaviour. This report will give an overview abo ut the results of the examinations of ball- and roller-screws as of friction drive systems.