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Evaluation of different heat treatment methods for fatigue design of notched and differently loaded PM' parts

: Esper, F.J.; Sonsino, C.M.

Institute of Metals, London:
P/M into the 1990's. International Powder Metallurgy Conference. Vol.I
London, 1990
pp.446-456 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
International Powder Metallurgy Conference <1990, London>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
axial stress; endurance limit; fatigue behaviour; fatigue strength; heat treatment; mean stress; notched specimen; powder metallurgy; sintering; steel; Woehler curve

This investigation compares the fatigue behaviour of the alloys Fe-1.5%Cu, Fe-1.5%Cu-0.6%C and Fe-0.8%Mn-0.95%Cr-0.24Mo-0.6%C in as-sintered and heat treated states. The steel Fe-1.5%Cu is carbonitrided and both other alloys are quenched and tempered. As in practice components are usually notched and will be subjected to different types of loading, the investigation is carried out with unnotched and notched specimens tested under axial loading and bending with and without mean stresses. The selection of these different materials, heat treatment methods, geometries, and loading modes covers a broad field of practical applications.