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Evaluating the interrater agreement of process capability rating

: Fusaro, P.; Emam, K. el; Smith, B.


Mayrhauser, A. von ; IEEE Computer Society:
4th International Software Metrics Symposium 1997. Proceedings
Los Alamitos, Calif.: IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997
ISBN: 0-8186-8093-8
pp.2-11 : Ill., Lit.
International Software Metrics Symposium <4, 1997, Albuquerque/NM>
Research Report
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IESE ()
interrater agreement; ISO/IEC 15504; measurement reliability; process capability; software process assessment; software process improvement; SPICE

The reliability of process assessments has received some study in the recent past, much of it being conducted within the context of the SPICE trials. In this paper we build upon this work by evaluating the reliability of ratings on each of the practices that make up the SPICE capability dimension. The type of reliability that we evaluate is interrater agreement: the agreement amongst independent assessors' capability ratings. Interrater agreement was found to be generally high. We also identify one particular practice that exhibits low agreement in its ratings.