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Evaluating innovation policies - the German experience

: Meyer-Krahmer, Frieder


Technovation 5 (1987), No.4, pp.317-330
ISSN: 0166-4972
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()

Until recently, evaluations of technology policy were rare in the Federal Republic of Germany. Activities of this type on a larger scale were not started until the early eighties. Most of the evaluations performed concerned government incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The main areas of research and development (R & D) and innovation promotion in small and medium-sized firms are the improvement of the capability and propensity to do in-house R & D, intensified cooperation in R & D between industrial firms and research establishments, the provision of more venture capital, and improved technology transfer. The underlying assumption is that these firms have bottlenecks, in particular in financing, in the personnel sector, and in obtaining information. A number of the existing support programs has meanwhile been investigated; the results of these investigations are covered in this paper. Initially, the underlying concept of impact analysis is outlined. Next, examples are presented of evaluations of general R & D funding measures, of grants for specific projects, of the debate about the most suitable instruments of promoting R & D in SME, and of technology transfer. Finally, some implications arising from the results of these analyses for technology policy in the Federal Republic of Germany are discussed.