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The estimation of migration potential of additives from polymeric materials into foodstuffs

Die Abschätzung des Migrationspotentials von Additiven aus Kunststoffen in Lebensmittel
: Baner, A.L.; Franz, R.; Mercea, P.V.; Piringer, O.G.; Brandsch, J.

Patsis, A.V.:
17th Annual International Conference on Advances in the Stabilization and Degradation of Polymers 1995. Proceedings
Luzern, 1995
International Conference on Advances in the Stabilization and Degradation of Polymers <17, 1995, Luzern>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
additive; foodstuffs; Kunststoff; Lebensmittel; migration; migration potential; plastics; polymer additives; polymers; Prüfmethode; test method; Zusatzstoff

A method for estimating time dependent migration of organic substances from polymers into oil of fats using simplified mathematical expressions is presented. To do this simple correlations for predicting constant diffusion coefficient of various classes of organic substances in different polymers as a function of molecular weight and temperature are given. The diffusion coefficient correlations are developed from either directly measured experimental diffusion coefficient data when available (e.g. polyolefins) or from diffusion coefficients estimated from experimental migration data into fats and oils. The lack of diffusion coefficient data for non-polyolefin polymers permits only general upper limit correlations to be established. Due to the scatter of the experimetal diffusion coefficient data along with reasons of consumer safety, the correlations have been formulated to give upper limits for the diffusion coefficients for differnt polymer and substance class combinations. Estimated migration values using the simplified migration equations and estimated diffusion coefficients are validated by comparison to experimental migration values from a migration data bank.