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Estimation and optimization of processing parameters in laser surface hardening

: Lepski, D.; Reitzenstein, W.

10th Meeting on Modelling of laser material processing '95. Proceedings
Meeting on Modelling of Laser Material Processing <10, 1995, Innsbruck>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
data base; Datenbank; Einhärtetiefe; hardening depth; laser beam scanning; laser track width; laser transformation hardening; Laserhärten; Laserspurbreite; Laserstrahloszillation; optimization of processing; program GEOPT; Programm GEOPT; Prozeßoptimierung; spot stretching; Spurüberlappung; Strahlfleckstreckung; temperature field calculation; Temperaturfeldberechnung; track overlap; transformation kinetics; Umwandlungkinetik

Optimum processing in laser surface hardening requires detailed knowledge of the laser induced temperature field. Comprimized information on this temperature field was stored for a lot of power density distributions in a data base to be accessed by the personal computer program GEOPT. The physical and mathematical background of this program as well as its possibilities and limits are described, and the application of GEOPT is de- monstrated at a series of examples of general interest such as hardening at an edge, generation of large tracks by means of line integrators or beam scanning, annealing at overlapping tracks etc. For several important iron-base materials the maximum possible track depth and width, respectively, to be achieved by laser hardening are estimated as functions of the laser beam power taking into account various restrictions such as the critical cooling rate, the workpiece heating, a prescribed track geometry, a limited spot axis ratio etc.