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Ermittlung von begrifflichen Beschreibungen von Geschehen in Straßenverkehrsszenen mit Hilfe unscharfer Mengen

: Kollnig, H.; Nagel, H.-H.

Informatik, Forschung und Entwicklung (1993), No.8, pp.186-196 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0178-3564
ISSN: 0949-2925
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
Bildfolge; Bildfolgenauswertung; Fahrzeugtrajektorium; fuzzy set; model; motion; natural language processing; scene analysis; Straßenverkehr; time-varying imagery; unscharfe Menge; verb; verbalphrase; vision and scene understanding

This contribution addresses the problem to extract a conceptual description of moving vehicles in image sequences from traffic scenes recorded by a stationary camera. Due to considerable improvements in image sequence analysis more densely sampled -25 Hz instead of 1.25 Hz - trajectories are now available. In order to associate motion verbs and verb phrases to these trajectory segments, a complete rework of existing methods was necessary. Fuzzy sets are used to represent the connections between trajectory attributes and verbs.