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Erfahrungen beim Bau komplexer Software-Entwicklungsumgebungen. Bericht über das STONE-Projekt

: Batz, T.; Lewerentz, C.


Informatik, Forschung und Entwicklung 10 (1995), No.2, pp.107-109
ISSN: 0178-3564
ISSN: 0949-2925
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
integration framework; integration strategy; Integrationsrahmen; Integrationsstrategie; object oriented software process modell; objektorientiertes Softwareprozeßmodell; project planing; project supervision; Projektplanung; Projektüberwachung; software development environment; software tools; Softwareentwicklungsumgebung; Softwarewerkzeug

The BMFT project STONE (A structured and Open Environment) had the goal to develop methods, techniques and software components for building interactive and open software development environments, especially for the use in education and research. Main result of the project were a homogeneous conceptual architecture, a toolbox including software components and integration frameworks (database system OBST, configuration management tools ShapeTools, user interface toolkit Theseus++), systems for the construction of environments (generic graphical editor TOGES, database development environment USE-OBST, graphical Tcl/Tk interface builder xf) and two prototypes of integrated environments named PRIS/PROCESS and ADDD. Various aspects of cooperation and coordination have been analyzed in both prototyp environments.