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Enhanced functionality of stereolithografy parts by metal deposition techniques

: Leyendecker, F.; Mann, D.; Geiger, M.

Verein zur Förderung Produktionstechnischer Forschung e.V. -FpF-, Stuttgart:
Rapid Product Development 1994. International Conference on Rapid Product Development. Tagungsband
Stuttgart, 1994
International Conference on Rapid Product Development <6, 1994, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Beschichtung; coating technology; Metal Deposition Techniques; Metall; Metallindustrie; Metallverarbeitung; physical vapour deposition; PVD; Rapid Prototyping; Stereolithographie; Verfahrenstechnik

In many cases of product development there is a need for a prototype looking like the subsequently metal product. Therefore, the value of a stereolithografy part for assessment is limited by its nonmetallic surface. Several coating technologies have been examined due to its suitability to deposit a high quality metal coating on stereolithografy parts. The examinations pointed out that electroless metallization, physical vapour deposition and their combination are effective methods to enlarge different fuctional properties of RP parts.