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Enhanced endurance life of sputtered MoSX filsm on steel by ion beam mixing.

Verbesserte Dauerfestigkeit von gesputterten MoSX-Schichten auf Stahl durch Ionenstrahlmischen
: Kobs, H.; Dimigen, H.; Hübsch, H.; Tolle, H.J.; Leutenbecker, R.; Ryssel, H.

Materials Science and Engineering 90 (1987), pp.280-287
ISSN: 0025-5416
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
Adhäsion; Ionenimplantation; Ionenstrahlmischen; Oberflächentechnologie; Schichthaftung; Sputtern; Tribologie; Zerstäuben

R.f.sputter-deposited MoS(x) films (x=1.6-1.9) show excellent lubrication properties. The coefficient of friction under sliding conditions in an inert gas or in vacuum is very low (0.02-0.03) but the endurance life even for optimized sputter parameters depends on the internal mechanicals stress and is often insufficient. The method of ion beam mixing was used to increase the film-substrate adherence and, therefore, to obtain a life enhancement of the lubricating layers. The tribological tests were carried out on a ball-on-disc tribometer under oscillating conditions in a dry nitrogen atmosphere. The mixing experiments were performed with argon and nitrogen ions at various energies (50-400 keV) and fluences ((0.3-5))10E16 ions cm-2). The film thicknesses ranged from 0.20 to 0.47 mym. A considerable enhancement of the endurance life without any deterioration of the friction behaviour was obtained, depending on the energy and the film thickness. For example, an MoS(x) layer of 0.36 mym th ickness yielded a sixfold increase in the endurance life by implantation with 180 keV nitrogen and 400 keV argon ions. For a thinner thickness the required energy can be lowered. This indicates a mixing of the interface since the penetration depth and the film thickness have to overlap so that the projected range of the ions falls at the interface. Additionally we observed an increased film density of 20-40% due to nitrogen and argon implantation, depending on the energy and film thickness. (AIS-B)