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Energy Production via Biomass Combustion

Energieerzeugung durch Biomasseverbrennung
: Dobers, K.

Thüringer Institut für Akademische Weiterbildung; World Council of Associations for Technology Education:
Sustainability and the small firm
Erfurt, 1999
6 pp.
European Conference on Sustainability for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises <1999, Erfurt>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
Biobrennstoff; Biomasse; Energiegewinnung; Kreislaufwirtschaft; Logistik; Prozeßkette; regenerative Energie; Verbrennung

Biomass is expected to be one of the most important "green" energy suppliers in the EU. The European Commission forces the substitution of biomass for primary energy to increase the rate from 3.5% today to about 3.5% by 2010. The combustion of biomass is a common technology to produce energy. The increased international and national political support strengthens the new market for biogene fuels. Furthermore, as a result of the new German legislation on closed loop materials economy the amount of biomass to be handled will increase a lot. Because of a relatively low energy density of the biogene fuels the logistics efforts influence the costs of energy production decisively. Besides,the wide spread sources of biomass the various types of handling and pre-treatment of the biomass, and the varying qualities of biogene fuels set a high standard of the logistic strategies within the different regions. So far, combustion processes have only been optimised on the chemical, technological, and engineering side, the logistics, however, have been neglected. The Fraunhofer-Institute IML gives an overview on the methods and strategies optimised logistics using supply chain management and considering the connected requirements on the biomass and the biogene fuels.