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Embedding Robust Labels into Images for Copyright Protection

: Koch, E.; Zhao, J.

Brunnstein, K.; Sint, P.P.:
Intellectual property rights and new technologies. Proceedings of the KnowRight '95 conference
Wien: Oldenbourg, 1995 (Schriftenreihe der Österreichischen Computer-Gesellschaft 82)
ISBN: 3-486-23483-8
ISBN: 3-7029-0408-5
ISBN: 3-85403-082-7
International Congress on Intellectual Property Rights for Specialized Information, Knowledge and New Technologies <1995, Wien>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
compression; copyright protection; intellectual property; security; watermarking

This paper describes a set of novel steganographic methods to secrtely embed robust labels into image data for identifying image copyright holder and original distributor in digital networked environment. The embedded label is undetectable, unremovable and unalterable. Furthermore it can survive processing which does not seriously reduce the quality of the image, such as lossy image compression, low pass filtering and image format conversions.