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Ellipsometer zur in-situ-Schichtdickenmessung

Ellipsometer for in-situ thickness measurement
: Berger, R.; Ryssel, H.; Schneider, C.; Aderhold, W.

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DE 1990-4013211 A: 19900425
DE 1990-4013211 A: 19900425
DE 4013211 C2: 19921224
Patent, Electronic Publication
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An ellipsometer, which is in particular destined for the measurement of the oxide layer thickness on silicon wafers inside a furnace, comprises an analyzing unit, a beam bending device, a paddle and a polarizing unit. In order to increase the measurement accuracy, the ellipsometer is designed in such a way that the beam bending device has two prisms, the analyzing unit and the polarization unit are arranged about the paddle and that two tubes are provided for guiding the beam from the polarization unit to the first prism and from the second prism to the analyzing unit.