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Elektrochemischer Sensor

Electrochemical sensor

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DE 1993-4318519 A: 19930603
DE 1993-4318519 A: 19930603
EP 1994-915508 A: 19940521
DE 4318519 C2: 19961128
EP 701691 B1: 19970305
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The invention relates to an electrochemical sensor comprising interdigital microelectrodes (1) which have line widths in the subm range. By means of array-shaped arrangement of two or several pairs of interdigital microelectrodes on a substrate (4), the electrochemical detection of molecules can take place with high detection sensitivity and extended applications are available for the detection of chemical reaction processes. The electrodes can be arranged in a microchannel deposited on the substrate, said microchannel having a constant, small volume of a few nanoliters. The electrochemical sensor according to the invention can be used for the multiple measurement of the same molecule species or as a multisensitive sensor in chemical analysis and process control in various fields such as biotechnology, environmental protection or health care.