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Elektrisches Widerstandsbauelement mit CrSi-Widerstandsschicht

Electrical resistance element - made of substrate with coating of resistance layer of chromium -silicon based alloy.
: Veyhl, R.; Thyen, R.; Boness, H.

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DE 1995-19508387 A: 19950309
EP 1996-200576 A: 19960304
EP 736881 B1: 20000524
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Electrical resistance element is made of a substrate with at least one coating of a Cr-Si based alloy comprising (in at%): 5-50 Cr; 10-70 Si; 5-50 O; 1-50 of one from B,C,N. USE - The element is used as resistor in miniaturised electronic devices. ADVANTAGE - The resistor has a minimum temperature coefficient of resistance of less that 100ppm/K, a resistance of the order of 1M and can have measurements of about 1mm.