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Elastic wave propagation and scattering in austenitic steel

: Walte, F.; Spies, M.; Klaholz, S.; Langenberg, K.-J.

Iida, K.; Light, G.M.; Whittle, J.M. ; American Society for Metals -ASM-, Metals Park/Ohio:
13th International Conference on NDE in the Nuclear and Pressure Vessel Industries '95
Metals Park/Ohio, 1995
ISBN: 0-87170-548-6
International Conference on NDE in the Nuclear and Pressure Vessel Industries <13, 1995, Kyoto>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Austenit; autenite; modeling; Modellierung; Ultraschallausbreitung; Ultraschallgeschwindigkeit; Ultraschallwelle; ultrasonic; ultrasonic backscattering; ultrasonic wave velocity; wave propagation; Wellenausbreitung

Utrasonic nondestructive testing of austenitic steel welds is very difficult because fundamental wave propagation and scattering effects in such compolicated, anisotropic environments are only hardly understood. Therefore, a step-by-step evaluation of elastic wave propagation in transversely isotropic media has been initiated starting with two quasi-homogeneous specimens of different austenitic grain orientation (Fig. 1). Under the assumption of transverse isotropy the modeling codes EFIT (Elastodynamic Finite Integration Technique) and GPSS (Generalized Point Source Synthesis), developed as basic tools to model NDE problems, were extended to anisotropic homogeneous media. These codes allow 3D computation of quasi-pressure and quasi-shear, as well as surface waves (EFIT), modeling finite size transducers as radating apertures on otherwise stress-free surfaces. Time-domain wave-front snapshots clearly illustrate the strange behaviour.