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Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Lasertechnik im Automobilbau

The use of laser technology in the automobile industry
: Beyer, E.; Poprawe, R.

Automobil-Industrie (1990), No.2, pp.161-171
ISSN: 0005-1306
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()
Automobilbau; automobile industry; Bohrung; drilling; key technology; laser technology; Lasertechnik; production costs; Produktionskosten; Schlüsselposition

Since time immemorial, the automobile industry has been a pioneer when it comes to the use of new technologies. In this article, a comprehensive selection of examples is presented showing where and how lasers can be used in the manufacture of cars and car components. The flexibility of laser technology will be decisive when it comes to comparing the efficiency of lasers and traditional methods. On the other hand, there are now some processes for which-for technological reasons-there is no conventional alternative. Take the drilling of tiny boreholes, for example, or simultaneous welding during the separation of plastics. In future, the welding and cutting of various materials will be among the most important applications for lasers in the automobile industry. In addition to the comprehensive examples of the use of lasers for machining purposes, still more diverse examples of the use of lasers for measuring jobs are presented.