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Die Einsatzchancen erneuerbarer Energiequellen. Potentiale 2000 und 2010 in Deutschland - alte Bundesländer


Stromthemen EXTRA 8 (1991), No.52, pp.1-8
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
competitiveness; economic aspect; economic potential; Hemmnis; Marktchance; obstacle; penetration; regeneratives System; renewable energy system; theoretical potential; theoretisches Potential; Wettbewerbsfähigkeit; wirtschaftliches Potential; Wirtschaftlichkeit

The economic viability of renewable energy sources in Western Germany was evaluated (systems: solar collectors, passive solar components, small decentralized PV-systems, solar power plants, biomass and heat pumps). The economic analysis had to be made in such a way that the results are as far as possible independent of the future development of energy prices. As a result of the economic feasibility calculations, most easily competitiveness is ascribed to solar collectors (pools) and agricultural drying.