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Einsatz mustererkennender Verfahren zur Prozeßüberwachung an Drehmaschinen

: Kirchheim, A.; Nickolay, B.

Vision and Voice Magazine 6 (1992), No.1, pp.26-30
ISSN: 0936-8469
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
classification; Drehmaschine; feature extraction; Klassifizierung; Merkmalsextraktion; Mustererkennung; pattern recognition; process controlling; Prozeßüberwachung; turning machine

The total investment of such high automatic processing systems normally increases with the development of CNC-turning machines in the direction of fully automatic turning cells. Thus the meaning of process controlling systems for the improvement of the degree of utilization grows. Therefore it is necessary to control the tools for the security and support of the manufacturing process online with regard to wear and break. The contribution shows how pattern recognition techniques can be used for process controlling of turning machines.