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Einrichtung zur reaktiven Beschichtung

Device for reactive coating
: Frach, P.; Walde, H.; Gottfried, C.; Holfeld, A.; Goedicke, K.

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DE 1995-19506513 A: 19950224
DE 1995-19506513 A: 19950224
EP 1996-900859 AW: 19960123
WO 1996-DE114 A: 19960123
DE 19506513 C2: 19961205
EP 811238 B1: 20010822
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The known magnetron atomization source is intended to coat evenly substrates with a diameter of > 100 mm with respect to coating thickness and stoichiometry. Said source consists of several subtargets whose parameters are intended to be selected independently of each other. The discharge is intended to be stable for the entire target utilization period. According to the invention, the magnetron atomization source consisting of subtargets is designed for unipolar and bipolar operation in such a way that the subtargets are arranged concentrically and intermediate pieces switchable to any electrical potential are arranged in the centre and between the subtargets and insulated about the exterior. A regulatable gas inlet for reactive gas and/or reactive gas-inert gas mixture is allocated at least to one subtarget. An additional electrode is arranged insulated about the exterior subtarget. The atomization source serves preferably to produce optical and corrosion protection coatings.