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Einrichtung zur Messung mechanischer Werkstoffkennwerte und zur Beobachtung und Auswertung von Risssystemen eines Bauteils

Device for measuring mechanical material parameters and for observing and evaluating crack systems in a component
: Risse, S.; Schnapp, J.D.; Gebhardt, A.; Eisenschmidt, S.

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DE 1991-4127116 A: 19910816
DE 1991-4127116 A: 19910816
DE 4127116 A1: 19930218
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The invention relates to a device and a process for the measurement of mechanical material parameters, for observing and evaluating crack systems in a component, preferentially the bending of a stretched component (1) which is placed in the X direction and loaded opposite to the Y direction by at least one force producer (3), characterized by the fact that - a component (1) is irradiated by a source (4), - at least one receiver (5) is arranged on an axis (8) (Z direction) level with the component (1) at a distance to the component (1), - at least one force measuring device (7) is arranged in the force flow, and - an evaluating unit (6) which is connected to the force measuring unit (7) and the receiver (5). The invention succeeds in producing a contactless deformation measurement of a component (preferentially a bending beam) and/or the observation of the rupture zone in the event of a destructive load