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Einrichtung zur elektrolytischen Herstellung von Wasserstoff aus Wasser.

Device for the electrolytic production of hydrogen from water
: Ledjeff, K.

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DE 1992-4207117 A: 19920306
EP 1993-100840 A: 19930121
EP 558900 B1: 19970326
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The invention relates to a device for the electrolytic generation of hydrogen from water comprising an electrolytic cell, consisting of anode and cathode chamber separated by an ion-conducting polymer membrane, power supply and control and monitoring facilities, reservoir tanks for water and hydrogen, the associated connecting lines and a gas drying facility, whereby the device of this kind is designed so that it can be utilized for mobile applications in which at least the hydrogen storage can be removed from the device and the anode chamber and cathode chamber are connected via a line outside the membrane chamber and a device filled with water is provided in the line to prevent the gas from flowing from chamber 2 to chamber 3 but causes water to flow back from chamber 3 to chamber 2.