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Einrichtung zur Durchfuehrung elektronenstrahltechnologischer Prozesse im Vakuum

Device for the performance of electron beam technology processes in a vacuum
: Bartel, R.; Schmidt, H.; Panzer, S.

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DE 1994-4418162 A: 19940525
DE 1994-4418162 A: 19940525
DE 4418162 A1: 19951130
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Known facilities are basically not universally applicable since the size of the workpieces to be treated is dependent on the dimensions of the recipients, i.e. their volume. This means that with small workpieces, a considerably large volume is evacuated. The problem therefore exists of creating a device adaptable to the workpiece size. According to the invention, the device consists of a middle section acting as the recipient, said middle section containing all the modules required for the process in addition to the electron gun. Intermediate parts are arranged movably vacuum-tight to the middle section intermeshed and on top of each other. On both sides, there is an end piece arranged in the same way, whereby one is formed as a door. A guide track for the workpiece carrier, which can travel on said guide track, is arranted over the entire length of the recipient. The device can be preferably used for the surface modification of mechanical engineering components and for the hardening o f guide tracks and surfaces on machine parts.