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Einrichtung zum Hochgeschwindigkeitsgasfluss-Aufstaeuben

Device for high-velocity gas flow powder application
: Dimigen, H.; Jung, T.; Wilberg, R.; Leonhardt, G.; Lunow, T.; Weissflog, J.

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DE 1994-4422472 A: 19940628
DE 1994-4422472 A: 19940628
DE 4422472 C2: 19960905
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The invention relates to a device for high-velocity gas flow sputtering, said device consisting of a hollow cathode, an anode and a gas inlet device for inert gas, whereby the outlet opening of the gas and material particle flow out of the hollow cathode is arranged opposite the substrates. The hollow cathode according to the invention consists of two cathode plates arranged axially at a distance to each other, said cathode plates having central boreholes, and an anode and a gas inlet device which are all arranged centrally or coaxially in relation to the hollow cathode. The device according to the invention can also consist of several hollow cathodes which are arranged axially in a row. In the latter case, single anodes can be allocated centrally or coaxially to the single hollow cathodes as anodes.