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Effective design of control software for highly flexible AGV systems

: Meinberg, U.

10th International Conference on Automation in Warehousing '89. Proceedings
ISSN: 1015-5430
International Conference on Automation in Warehousing <10, 1989, Dallas/Tex.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
AGVS; control concept; control software; fahrerloses Transportsystem; FTS; software design; software engineering; Steuerungskonzept; Steuerungssoftware

The complexity of AGVS and the required flexibility need efficient control software which can be adapted quickly on changed conditions. Based on a special control concept for AGVS the control software is designed so that it fits these requirements in coincidence with low-cost solutions. All control functions which need not necessarily be implemented on the vehicles are concentrated on the level of the control computer. In this way it is guaranteed that all project-dependend modifications are limited to this level of control and that tools for automated realization of the software can be used. The basic models of the hirarchically structured control software and the project-dependend application of these models by use of a formal description are shown after a brief presentration of the control concept. Finally the paper describes by an industrial example, how to come to efficient and low-cost control software by use of the introduced concepts and tools.