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Eco-logistic-systems to distribute and take back products for recycling purposes

: Hieber, M.

Land-Use - Lifestyle - Transport
Ecomove Conference <1, 1994, Kassel>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
distribution; Life-Cycle-Engineering; Logistik (Industrie); recycling; Umwelt; Umweltanpassung

Today the logistic systems which are established for the distribution of products have the objective to provide the market with products in the "right" amount, in the "right" location and for the "right" time. Many experts extend these basic requirements of logistic systems with the aspects: "right" quality, "right" costs, but the "right" ecological impact, which means the minimum ecological impact, is not considered. The increasing sensibility of the general public to environmental impacts, requires more environmental sound techniques and sustainable organizations in the fields of transportation and logistic systems. Slogans such as green house effect, ozone layer or high ozone levels, are talk of the day.