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Dynamische Strahlformung für die Lasermaterialbearbeitung

: Plaetschke, A.; Morgenthal, L.; Pollack, D.

11. Internationale Mittweidaer Fachtagung. Tagungsband
Internationale Mittweidaer Fachtagung <11, 1994, Mittweida>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
beam oszillation; Drehspiegel; dynamical spot shaping; dynamische Strahlformung; laser material processing; Lasermaterialbearbeitung; Oberflächenveredelung; rotating mirror; Strahloszillation; surface treatment

Laser surface treatment that is optimized from the technological and economical points of view requires flexible adaption of the intensity distribution and laser radiation geometrie to the shape and size of the machine components and the thermal cycle which is depend on the material used. This paper will adress some of the new developments in dynamical spot shaping optics to generate virtually any intensity profile forms with a large degree of flexibility in the performance range of multikilowatt lasers. The beam oszillation is the most popular kind of dynamical spot shaping. A newly developed control program is driving to swinging motion of a scanner mirror with galvanometric drive. There exist different kind of driving functions: harmonious and periodical driving functions, amplitude modulated functions and especially for pulsed mode lasers: simultaneous control mirror driving function and pulse release. To enhance the flexibility of statical spot shaping these optics will be combine d with a slightly tilted rotating mirror. Intensity peaks remaining after using line integrators can be smoothed out by these rotating mirrors.