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Dynamic SPICE-Simulation of the electrothermal behavior of SOI-MOSFETs

: Bielefeld, J.; Pelz, G.; Abel, H.B.; Zimmer, G.


IEEE transactions on electron devices 42 (1995), No.11, pp.1970-1977
ISSN: 0018-9383
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMS ()
electric heat; interaction; MOS-Transistor; Simulationsmodell; Stromwärme; Transistormodell; Wechselwirkung

A complete electrothermal model of the SOI MOSFET is implemented and can be used in SPICE3. This model is formulated as a set of algebraic and (partial) differential equations which is converted automatically with a model translator into a SPICE3 netlist. Nevertheless, neither the simulator is rewritten nor SPICE device models are implemented or changed. The model is applied to several static and dynamic simulations of SOI MOSFETs to show the electrothermal interaction.