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Dynamic material properties of a closed-cell polyethylene foamed plastic

Dynamische Materialeigenschaften eines geschlossen-zelligen Polyethylenschaumstoffes
: Weber, H.; Geißler, A.

Eschke, R. ; FH Hamburg, Institut für Exportverpackung; International Association of Packaging Research Institutes -IAPRI-:
World Conference on Packaging 1989. Proceedings of the IAPRI-Congress
Heidelberg, 1989
World Conference on Packaging <6, 1989, Hamburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()
closed-cell foam; container; cushioning material; deformation vibration; dynamic behaviour; elastic modulus; packaging material; polyethylene; shear modulus; stress; transportation

With today's high standards of technology, transportation stresses can be almost completely described so that certain conclusions for the packaging container can be drawn. But an optimized, cost-efficient container is only possible, if the material behaviour and the environment of the packaging material used are known /1/. Foams belong to the most important class of packaging materials. Their dynamic behaviour is usually qualified by empirical property-values which are not suitable for the construction of packaging containers, but present only approximate values. In the context of this paper, it is shown how dynamic mechanical behaviour of a closed-cell foam can be experimentally determined. The obtained results are explained and discussed.