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Dynamic behavior of arsenic clusters in silicon

Dynamisches Verhalten von Arsenclustern in Silicium
: Bauer, H.; Pichler, P.; Ryssel, H.

Hill, C.:
ESSDERC '94. 24th European Solid State Device Research Conference. Proceedings
Gif-sur-Yvette: Editions Frontieres, 1994
ISBN: 2-86332-157-9
European Solid State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC) <24, 1994, Edinburgh>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
Arsen; Clustern; silicium; SIMOX

A new experimental setup was developed to study the clustering process of arsenic in silicon. It is based on the use of homogeneously doped SOI material which simplified the interpretation of the electrical measurements. Using this experimental setup, the inactivation of arsenic was investigated for chemical concentrations from 2 x 10 (exp 20) cm (exp -3) to 1 x 10 (exp 21) cm (exp -3) in the temperature range between 700 Cel and 900 Cel. For a cluster with two atoms and one electron, and a cluster with three atoms and three electrons, temperature dependent reaction constants were determined, allowing a close description of the measured data.