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Dynamic abstract data types based on algebraic graph transformations

: Löwe, M.; Ehrig, H.; Orejas, F.

Astesiano, E.; Reggio, G.; Tralecki, A.:
Recent trends in data type specification : Selected papers
Berlin: Springer, 1995
ISBN: 3-540-59132-X
Workshop on Specification of Abstract Data Types <10, 1994, San Margerita>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISST ()
abstract data types; graph theory; graph transformation; specification

The concept of dynamic abstract data types was recently proposed by two of the authors as a dynamic extension of the well-known concept of abstract data types, motivated by several recent approaches in the area of algebraic specifications, object orientation, evolving algebras, and graph transformations. The basic idea of dynamic abstract data types is to extend abstract data types by dynamic operations which are tranformations between abstract data types. In this paper we consider a specific kind of dynamic abstract data types where the transformations are defined by rules in the sense of algebraic graph transformations. The concept of attributed graph transformations is used to define this new version of dynamic abstract data types and to show some important properties of the corresponding transition category. The constructions are illustrated by a small example from the area of data bases.