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Drying of startercultures

Trocknung von Starterkulturen
: Bauer, W.; Zimmermann, K.

International Symposium on Progress in Food Preservation Processes '88. Vol.1. Oral Presentations
International Symposium on Progress in Food Preservation Processes <1988, Brüssel>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Feuchtigkeitsmessung; fluidized bed; Hefepellets; Starterkultur; Trocknung; Wirbelschichttrocknung

Dried microorganism used as startercultures become more and more important for food processing and agricultural processes. For the production of bulkware startercultures the fluidized bed drying technology was examined as an alternative process. Quality criteria for the drying process are i.e. high survival rate of the microorganisms and little heat inactivation of intracellular enzymes. The modeling concept involves the relative activity of intracellular enzymes as a function of temperature, moisture content and time for drying of pressed pellets (S. cerevisiae) in fluidized bed. For drying microorganisms on the surface of a carrier (Lb.casei) in a fluidized bed the modeling concept involves the survival rate of the microorganisms as a function of temperature and time. Additional the deactivation kinetics flew in both concepts. The comparison of calculated and experimental data of the drying process and thermal inactivation allows process design and control in the case of yeast pellet s. For lactic acid bacteria dried on a carrier material the moisture content must be determined directly. A conductivity probe for on-line measurement of product moisture content was developed and tested.