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Drucksensoranordnung mit einem Drucksensor und einem Referenzelement

Pressure sensor arrangement comprising a pressure sensor and a reference element
: Zimmer, G.; Eichholz, J.; Mokwa, W.; Kandler, M.; Manoli, Y.

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DE 1990-4042336 A: 19900212
DE 1990-4042336 A: 19900212
DE 4042336 A1: 19910814
Patent, Electronic Publication
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This invention relates to an integratable, capacitive pressure sensor arrangement which comprises a semiconductor substrate and a polycrystalline semiconductor layer defining a pressure sensor cavity together with said semiconductor layer, said polycrystalline layer having a dopant at least inside a diaphragm-like region above the pressure sensor cavity. An increased pressure measurement accuracy is achieved by the fact that there is an isolator layer between the polycrystalline semiconductor layer on the one hand, and a semiconductor region under the pressure sensor cavity and/or the semiconductor substrate, the semiconductor region opposite the semiconductor substrate is isolated, the pressure sensor arrangement has a capacitive reference element whose structure conincides with that of the capacitive pressure sensor, and the polycrystalline semiconductor layer of the reference element is reinforced with another layer to increase its bending strength.