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Tribasic propellant powder and process for its production
: Mueller, D.; Kremp, J.

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DE 1985-3532525 A: 19850912
DE 1985-3532525 A: 19850912
EP 1986-111683 A: 19860822
DE 3532525 C2: 19880601
EP 218067 B1: 19891018
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Tribasic propellent powders consist of cellulose nitrate, nitroglycerine or an explosive oil with the same effect and crystalline nitroguanidine which are processed into solid propellant powder bodies by mixing and plastification of the NC by means of a solvent, e.g. acetone, and by needing the mixture and finally shaping it. To improve temperature stability, in particular cold brittle behaviour, at least one organic titanate from the group of monoalkoxyl, chelate, quaternery, neoalkoxyl or coordinated titanates and/or at least one organic ziroconate from the group of neoalkoxyl zirconates are added to the propellant powder at a ratio of <= 2%, preferably <= 0.5%. As a result of this addition, the chemical stability of the propellant powder is further enhanced.