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Distributed sketchpad system. A tool for cooperative sketching in a network environment

: Noll, S.; Rix, J.; Schendel, M.G.

Participants Edition, 1991
COMICS <1991, Gers>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
conferencing; cooperative work; distributed system; Group Interface; groupware; Multi Media

The "SketchPad" can be seen as an additional interactive communication tool in a conferencing environment. It allows to draw sketches and manipulate them interactively and among all of the users participating in the conference. A joint editing of the different users will be possible across the network. A layering technique will offer each user his own layer for his sketches. A transparent visualisation allows a common view of the different user ideas. Already given information, e.g. a raster image, a graphics picture, or a CAD picture can be put into the background layer as a reference information. The paper presents and discuss the underlaying concept for a distributed environment, especially the communication services on the three levels of workstation, "SketchPad", and conferencing, and also the access and the coordination of the sketching of different users and the integration in the multi media environment of conferencing.