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Distributed fault - tolerant CIM - structures, the BERCIM-projects

: Linnemann, H.

2nd German Chinese Electronics Week
Berlin: VDE-Verlag, 1991
German Chinese Electronics Week <2, 1991, Shanghai>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Breitband-ISDN; CIM; CIM-Modell; Fehlertoleranz; Kommunikationstechnik; Lightweigh-Protokoll; lokales Netz; MAP; Maschinendiagnose; TOP; verteiltes Rechnen; Weiterverkehrsnetz

From the technical point of view computer communication and distributed information processing are the two most important aspects in CIM. The paper describes a "service-world" providing a uniform approach to the heterogeneous components of a geographic distributed CIM-scenario and their functionality. The services are supporting not only communications but also the cooperation of components within a distributed system. Fault tolerance services are applied in form of "Value added services" in order to guarantee the required reliability. The CIM scenario is a chosen example for demonstrating new application classes. Three project partners distributed across Berlin are linked by the BERKOM broadband wide area network. The represent a model for an overlapping compound of different organizations and areas like development, administration and production. Three important aspects of applications are: 1. Distributed planning, programming and simulation for manufacturing cells with industrial ro bots (off-line programming), 2. fault-tolerant area control computer, 3. integrated remote diagnosis.