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Reliability design features of the IAEA DCM14 unit

: Neumann, G.; Rosenstock, W.

Brookhaven National Laboratory:
International safeguards workshop "Design and Testing for High Reliability" : Brookhaven National Laboratory Long Island, New York 15-18 October 2001
Upton, NY: Brookhaven National Laboratory, 2001
16 pp.
International Safeguards Workshop "Design and Testing for High Reliability" <2001, Long Island/NY>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer INT ()
single event upset (SEU); neutron irradiation; safeguards system; safeguards reliability

The weakness of most Safeguardsystem is described in comparison to video data authentication and encryption devices (VDAE). The vulnerability assessment of the DCM 14 based on VDAE indicated poor reliability in neutron fields. With fast neutrons the DCM 14 showed SEUs (Single Event Upsets) immediately and measurements at reactors showed SEU vulnerability even with thermal neutrons. Features to improve reliability are majority vote and implementation of a SEU detector. SEU sensitivty of different SRAMs are given. Modern SRAM's are less SEU sensitive as previous used in Safeguardsystems.