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Multi-scaling modeling and simulation of manufacturing systems

: Westkämper, E.; Gottwald, B.; Gerth, C.

Ueda, K.:
4th International Workshop on Emergent Synthesis, IWES '02. Proceedings : May 9-10, 2002, Kobe University, Japan
Kobe, 2002
International Workshop on Emergent Synthesis (IWES) <2002, Kobe>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
manufacturing; modeling; multi-scaling; simulation; Fertigungssystem

At the IFF basic research work deals with the development of modeling and simulation methodologies, the scaling of which cover elementary operations up to the area of factory planning as well as single processes up to manufacturing systems (multi-scaling simulation). The aim of the simulation methodologies are a reliable control and extended profitability of process chains. The verification and application will be performed with a process chain of surface techniques consisting of precision machining, electrochemical deposition as well as physical and chemical vapour deposition. Preconditions for the successful research work are applied high level computing technique and the consistent collaboration of researchers in the area of production and system engineering, applied mathematics and computer engineering.