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A New Approach to Insect-Proof Packaging

Neue Wege des insektendichten Verpackens
: Hennlich, W.

European Food and Drink Review (2000), Spring, pp.83-86
ISSN: 0955-4416
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()
Süßwaren; Schokolade; Insektenbefall; hygiene; Dichtepackung; sweets; chocolates; insect attack; hygiene; insect-proof; package

Pack-System of VH Nicolaus GmbH and the "RELOK"-Packaging System of FCP Europa Carton. An AiF-Project dealing with insect-proof folding cartons was finished in 1998. Research and development were coordinated and supported by Fh-IVV, D-Freising, the Fh-IAP, D-Teltow, and the BBA Institute for protection and stored products, D-Berlin. Summary is reported in the Fh-IVV homepage:


Foods like sweets, chocolates, bakery products and cereals are attractive to stored-product insects. The UN World Food Programme (WEP) has reported losses of crops and stored products in developping countries up to 30-50 %. For that reason there is a growing call for insect-proof packages. There is a new approach of the industry to insect-proof packages. Some package systems of folding cartons are known to be more insect-proof than the former standard models: the "Sift Proof" System by NORDSON GmbH, the "Airbox" System of Crystal Solutions B.V., the "Peel-Top"