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Possibilities for redevelopment of slope roof constructions

: Nöske, F.; Holm, A.; Sedlbauer, K.

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Rode, C. ; Technical University of Denmark -DTU-, Lyngby:
8th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries 2008. Proceedings. Vol.3 : Copenhagen, June 16-18, 2008
Lyngby, 2008 (DTU Byg Report 189)
ISBN: 978-87-7877-265-7
Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries <8, 2008, Kopenhagen>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The restoration of an old building is a challenge for building-owners, planers and any firm involved in the realization of renovation. A variety of constructional solutions is offered in the field of slope roofs. The Fraunhofer-Institute for Building Physics makes the broad public to understand hygrothermal processes by means of 6 different slope roof constructions. A demonstration center was established for this purpose, where this complex topic is explained to visitors in various ways. Knowledge transfer avoids constructional defects already in the phase of placing orders and working out the design.