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The King's House on the Schachen - indoor climate analysis of a cultural heritage building

: Kilian, R.; Holm, A.; Radon, J.

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Rode, C. ; Technical University of Denmark -DTU-, Lyngby:
8th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries 2008. Proceedings. Vol.2 : Copenhagen, June 16-18, 2008
Lyngby, 2008 (DTU Byg Report 189)
ISBN: 978-87-7877-265-7
Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries <8, 2008, Kopenhagen>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The King's House on the Schachen is a royal mountain chalet situated in the Bavarian Alps that has got a very finely preserved interieur. The statistical analysis of the indoor microclimate confirms that the range of temperature and humidity is in a region that is in generally considered save in regard to conservation. Of special interest in respect to the state of preservation is the climatic stability that is examined with the use of whole building simulation with the software tool WUFI Plus. It is shown that the interior furniture and the materials of the building envelope reduce the range of humidity changes inside very effectively by buffering and releasing moisture. Also the infiltration rate plays a significant role in the reduction of fluctuations. A low infiltration rate can aid to conservation of cultural heritage objects.