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3D modeling in a web browser to formulate content-based 3D queries

: Berndt, René; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.


Fellner, D.W.; Sourin, A.; Behr, J.; Walczak, K.; Spencer, S.N. ; Association for Computing Machinery -ACM-, Special Interest Group on Graphics -SIGGRAPH-; European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-; Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung -IGD-, Darmstadt; Gesellschaft für Informatik -GI-, Fachbereich Graphische Datenverarbeitung:
Web3D 2009, 14th International Conference on 3D Web Technology. Proceedings : June 16-17, 2009 at Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Darmstadt, Germany
New York: ACM Press, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60558-432-4
International Conference on 3D Web Technology (WEB3D) <14, 2009, Darmstadt>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
generative modeling; Generative Modeling Language (GML); 3D object retrieval; 3D search interface; interactive web application

We present a framework for formulating domain-dependent 3D search queries suitable for content-based 3D search over the web. Users are typically not willing to spend much time to create a 3D query object. They expect to quickly see a result set in which they can navigate by further differentiating the query object. Our system innovates by using a streamlined parametric 3D modeling engine on both client and server side. Parametric tools have greater expressiveness, they allow shape manipulation through a few highlevel parameters, as well as incremental assembly of query objects. Short command strings are sent from client to server to keep the query objects on both sides in sync. This reduces turnaround times and allows asynchronous updates of live result sets.